Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Program

UltimatePlus Hospice’s Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) program expertly brings together our team of skilled in-home clinicians from different disciplines and uses the latest physician-supervised processes to detect, intervene, and resolve problems as quickly as possible. The program is a comprehensive approach that helps individuals manage their diseases at home while avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital.


Program Features

  • Supervised and supported by physicians
  • Personalized care plan
  • Processes informed by the latest research
  • Multi-discipline in-home clinical team
  • Education for family, caregivers and patients
  • COPD Program Guide:
    • Comprehensive care guide including breathing, stress, oxygen therapy, nutrition, medication, and activity management tools
    • Symptom management tool to quickly and accurately identify changes in condition
Person on oxygen inhaler

Program Goals

  • Manage and improve symptoms
  • Reduce required visits to the hospital
  • Improve independence
  • Improve movement and activity
  • Educate on when to call for help

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – What you need to know

(COPD) is a common lung disease. The disease is progressive, which means the disease gets worse over time. The term COPD includes two main conditions.

  1. Emphysema – walls between the air sacs are damaged, causing them to lose their shape and become floppy or destroy the walls of the air sacs, leading to fewer and larger sacs instead of many tiny ones. If this happens, the amount of oxygen exchange in the lungs is reduced, making it more difficult to breathe.
  2. Chronic Bronchitis – the lining of the airways is constantly irritated and inflamed, causing the lining to thicken. Thick mucus forms in the airways, limiting the amount of oxygen and making it more difficult to breathe.

Most people with COPD experience both emphysema and chronic obstructive bronchitis. COPD is a serious illness that can greatly affect your entire way of life.


For further information and to see if you qualify, please call 972-240-4700.